I Knead You

Text: 510-610-6471

Of course, your current physical needs are tantamount in determining our course of action. You may expect that I will ask you about your body i.e., any aches and pains, recent surgeries, your normal level of physical activity, etc.

I may ask you to do some stretching with me. I may demonstrate some helpful breathing techniques which will enhance the massage experience.

My clients normally expect that they will be nude for their massage. If that is not comfortable for you, you may undress to your level of comfort. It is my job to accommodate your needs. The benefits of the massage is not related to your level of undress.

I will employ a variety of techniques to meet your needs..be they strictly therapeutic or relaxing or both. If at any time you feel uncomfortable in any way, I expect that you will alert me to the situation so that I may adjust my pressure or move on to another area.

Normally, my massage sessions last 60 minutes. Longer sessions are available but I am reluctant to commit to any time shorter than that. Please ask me about my availability for a longer session when you book your appointment.

A shower is available to you for both before and after your massage. If you are coming to me after a workout or from a hard day's work, it is best that you spend some time in the shower for both cleanliness and to begin your process of relaxation.